The Submerging Church

What are Emergent Church leaders teaching that has so many of our current generation tuned in to their “doctrine,” but tuned out to holy scripture? How have Emergent leaders captured the hearts and minds of unsuspecting people all over the world, departing from many of the clear teachings, commandments and warnings found in the pages of the bible?

Often preferred to be understood as a “conversation” or a “friendship” rather than a church or organization, the Emergent Church often place a high value on good works and social activism. Many call for diversity, tolerance and camaraderie among all religions and lifestyles as they modify and expand their teachings based on pop culture and social issues. Much of its doctrine rejects systematic Christian theology, the authority of Scripture and gospel exclusivity. Various strands of Universalism have also been subtly introduced, completely denying Jesus’ own words and warnings. There is often an emphasis on “here and now” theology rather than an eternal reality as set forth in scripture. Emergent leaders have also opened the door to the New Age and Occult, teaching the practice of contemplative, monastic, meditative prayers and mantras, even partnering with New Age mystics, authors and teachers.

Journey with us as we take a closer look at the Emerging Church, its leaders, their teachings and where it is all headed in light of bible prophecy. If you are familiar with any of the leaders spoken of in this documentary, and you love Truth, then you don’t want to miss a second of this compelling, thoroughly documented exposé uncovering the truth behind the Emergent Church.

Leaders exposed: Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Bono and more!


A great companion DVD to The Submerging Church! Many Emergents view Bono of the popular rock band U2 as their “prophet” and main icon in the Emergent Church movement. Learn why truth is sometimes stranger than fiction as we reveal the shocking truth behind what inspires this Emergent rocker. A great 90 minute companion DVD! CLICK HERE to get your copy today!



  1. hello to you all

  2. Tony Beasley

    Philip Shope

    Dear Philip,

    With all due respect if the Willow Creek corruption has not got you firmly in its grip ….. then get out ….. don’t even go to another meeting …. you have no obligation to the church leadership …. warn your close Willow Creek brothers and sisters that you HAVE LEFT and just show them what you posted on the Submerging Church blog …. that should be enough to convince anyone with a modicum of discernment that the “pastor” you shared your concerns with is fraudulant. The cover on Willow Creek has been long blown and I have serious reservations whether most of those attending can actually get out. Most are in serious danger of terminal apostasy. This may sound blunt and direct …. but it is vital that we heed Biblical warnings of false teachers that have been a hallmark of Willow Creek. 2 John 1:9-11

    There are plenty of online exposes of the Willow Creek Association

    (This site; Lighthouse Trails; Understand the Times etc) check their exposes, follow up the references and evidences to the erroneous teaching and you should find plenty of reasons to get out.

    I will pray that you and others will leave and find a sound fellowship.

    Tony (London,England)

  3. Philip-

    I am more than 1/2 through The Story. I like the book as a book, but it angers me to consider it a version of the Bible. It cuts out genealogy and much of the old covenant / laws of the OT. It makes for an easy chronological read, but it also misses a lot of detail.

  4. Philip Shope

    I have been a member of the 5th largest church in the US for 9 years. I have noticed a lot of these changes in our church in the last 4 years at least. Recently noticed that our church belongs to Willow Creek Assoc.

    I have talked to our Southern In. Campus pastor about our concerns. They were responded to by saying we can either go or stay, he gave his blessing either way.

    We have been trying to talk with an elder but it has been slow moving for an appt.

    We still go there reluctantly because of friends who need to know this stuff and also that we are involved in a bible study in a friends home who is also a church member there.

    I have a question. We are using “THE Story” Are you familiar with it? We strongly disagree with using this so-called version of the Bible and since it was edited by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee and published by Zondervan red flags are all over it. These men are personal friends of our Senior Pastor and have spoken at our church several times. Please give your comments. If you are not familiar with this I will inform you of what info I have. Sincerely,

    P. S.

    • VoniBear

      Phillip, I want to encourage you.

      My husband and I have been attending a very large church for the past 10 years – recently having left in November 2011.

      So far, we have not been able to find a church we trust, but are waiting on the Lord to show us rather than launching out and landing smack dab in the middle of another emerging group.

      We were repeatedly told from the puplit that “we are not an emerging church”, but they are Warren and “Willow Creek” ‘groupies’ nonetheless.

      We too tried to talk with pastors and leaders. We were ridiculed as being ‘over-reactive’ and were told the same thing as you – we were welcome to leave. So we did.

      This church has multitudes of home groups. We were very active in ours. We have managed to leave our group and still maintain friendships with those we value. We see them on a pretty frequent basis and although they all keep attending the church, my husband and I ‘work’ on them … slowly; gently; methodically. We walk out our witness and testimony so they can see that we are not

      ‘wingbats’ but speak the truth in love. Every chance we get, we show them the things we feel are skewed with the church and the direction it is going.

      I agree with the others, you need to leave. We were so confused, but were able to get some clarity from a pastor friend in Montana who helped us see what it was that was causing us our unease. Once we had it explained, we saw it clearly and realize that it is us who have changed – rather than our church, as they have been moving in this direction for quite some time.

      Thankfully, our eyes have been opened. I wonder how narrow is the “narrow road”?

      Don’t stay. The Lord will protect you while you are healing and resting. In some respects, we feel closer to each other and to the Lord than we have for years. We are excited to see where HE is leading next. 🙂

      Keep up the good fight, Brother!

      God bless you.



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