Boozy Bono Tanked Spider-Man Meeting, Lawsuit Says

By Philip Boroff


Fired “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” director Julie Taymor took aim today at the musical’s producers and her former creative partners on the show, accusing them in a lawsuit of making her a scapegoat to appease investors anxious about cost-overruns and poor critical response.

U2 singer Bono, who co-wrote the songs for the show, forced the cancellation of a key meeting by showing up “with Christy Turlington and a couple other supermodels, and he had already had a few beers, rendering him useless,” according to an e-mail from Glen Berger, co-author of the book, that Taymor cited in court papers.

The full story can be read here at the Bloomberg website…

One comment

  1. Paul (in ireland)

    Wow…….would this be the same Christy Turlington and other supermodels that are close friends with Bono and his wife, Ali?……….or would that be another Christy Turlington?

    Frankly, I find this a pretty pointless post that quotes loaded statements originally intended to support Taymor’s lawsuit regarding her dismissal from the production. I have also noticed that this website seems to be claiming that Bono is some sort of emergent church leader. I have to say that this is pretty much one of the most ridiculous things I have ever come across in all my 26 years as a Christian. I am sure that there are those within that movement who have put him up on a pedestal but to then conclude that he is part of that and a leader within is really clutching at straws. I am quite sure that if I searched high and wide for a quote to accuse someone as well known and as well interviewed as Bono, I would have no problem finding something that would convict him of almost anything. I know myself that I have said and done things in the past, maybe due to ignorance or lack of maturity that I now would not want to repeat. I am sure Bono and anyone else reading this is no different. For the record, I am no fan of the emergent church and have no connection with it.


    Paul, Cork City, Ireland