Bart Campolo “Comes Out” as Agnostic to Father Tony

Written by Chad Davidson

Bart Campolo, son of emergent leader Tony Campolo, decided he was no longer a Christian after being injured in a bike accident in 2011. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a Chaplain. Bart serves as the humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.

So what was it like when he “came out” as an agnostic to his “evangelical” father? Here is how the interaction was said to have gone:

“You know me. I am not afraid you’re going to hell because the God I believe in doesn’t send people to hell for eternity for having the wrong theology,” Tony responded, according to Bart. “I’m sad because Christianity is my tribe, and I liked having you in my tribe.” (Source)

Yes, according to Tony Campolo, denying that God exists is simply a problem with theology that will not be damnable. Denying Christ and His resurrection, no big deal according to Tony.

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