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In Chapter 9 of our DVD, Pastor Joe paraphrases a quote by William Lane Craig (at approximately 1:27:28) in which Craig states that those who signed on to the Common Word response (Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You) were basically signing on to become Muslims. There have been some concerns brought to our attention regarding Craig’s more recent defenses of and associations with Rick Warren, which led to questions as to why we would choose to quote Craig in our DVD and seemingly “commend” him as a “top apologist and philosopher.”

GFM Response: We have audio of Craig from 2007 speaking out against the Common Word document, as well as the Christian response, where he calls Rick Warren out by name. Knowing that Warren calls Craig “friend” and knowing that Craig has even spoken at Warren’s church since that time, we thought it was quite interesting that Craig had once come out against Warren (and rightfully so). Craig’s association with and defense of Warren since calling him out on this issue is very troubling and curious to say the least. By identifying who Craig is in our DVD (a “top apologist and philosopher”), however, was in no way meant to be a “commendation” of him (which is no different than stating the fact that Rick Warren is “one of America’s leading pastors”).

If you are not familiar with the audio Podcast of William Lane Craig on this topic, here is a link, in case you are interested in listening to the entire message in context. At around the 18:45 and 20:45 mark is where WLC calls Warren out by name. In fact, his entire message comes against those who align themselves with the Common Word document and the Christian response. We can only be left to guess what Craig would say today regarding Warren and this issue, as Warren has never removed his name.


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